What materials are bags made out of

Today let’s see what kind of leather the bags normally being made of ?
You should know, all our bags are made of Genuine leather ( real leather ), not artificial leather.
My Idea,  1 real leather bag = 20 artificial leather bags.
Normally, what kind of real leathers are used when on bags makings.


Cow Leather


Sheep Leather


Crododile Leather


Snake Skin Leather


Ostrich Leather


Above that are the real leathers we often seeing in bags making, although there are others, or their variants.
But any leather has quality levels, like cow leather, there are first layer leather, second layer leather….


How to know if the bags are made of real leather ?
That is a big question !  Though you might have many answers when Google it, you can’t know it definitely.
Not easy to teach you how to tell leather apart, even for us sometimes are confused with it, because now the fake leather making are in very good technics.


I only can tell you when you get a bag,
  •  See it,       to see it if in real leather looking,
  •  Smell it,   to smell if like real leather,
  •  Touch it,  to feel its leather touching


Of course, use the bag for some days, then you easily to know if it is in real leather.


Actually, what i really suggest and want to say to you, just, to find a good honest verdor, then you will no have problem of fake leather.


Yes, i am not bad verdor. hehe.
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